Tourism is the largest industry in Nepal and its largest source of foreign exchange and revenue. Possessing eight of the ten highest mountains in the world, Nepal is a hotspot destination..


Rafting in Nepal is the ultimate water attraction! From wild rapids to calm waters the rivers of Nepal offer it all. Be ready to get wet and have the most fun of a lifetime. Nepal offers various rafting opportunities with a wide range of rivers. Trishuli River is most suited for beginners and novice rafters, Sethi and Bhoti Koshi is more adventurous with higher grade rapids. Guest can choose between a one day rafting experiences or go all in with a 2 or 3 day rafting tour. Following the river and spending the night at the river’s edge camping style is a unique and refreshing experience. Guest can choose meals between veg or non veg and share stories with the other rafters for a unique bonding experience. Rafting will test your nerves as there is always a chance that raft will flip, if so there is no need fear as every safety measure is in place to ensure your wellbeing. Before the rafting begins a demo will be given on how to raft and what to do if you fall off. Specialist are always nearby in a one man canoe, and on the raft will be an experienced rafter.
Rafting in Nepal gives you the ultimate rafting experience and ensures you with fun memories for a lifetime! For any bookings or more info please use the inquire us button on the right side of the screen.


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